Issue 1, 2012 is out now!

We are so excited to be launching our Inaugural issue of Golden Pen Magazine™.  Suffice to say, we have broken open a bottle of bubbly and I hope you will join us in sharing in our joy now that the proverbial baby is out of the oven!

Firstly, thank you so much to all the fabulous contributors who have helped to make this issue so inspiring, full of WISDOM and a resource that will have relevance for years to come.  I think you will agree that Jessica Smith looks amazing on our cover and a very special thank you to Michael Vanderzanden from Studio Classique.  Love your work, Michael and the fact that you make the women you shoot feel like a princess by keeping it fun and making them feel so special.

“The beauty of wisdom is that it’s value is like gold; it increases with time and it is with this heart space and mindset that we present to your our first issue,” says Publishing Editor, Hayley Solich.

As you read the pages of Golden Pen Magazine™ I ask that you open your heart to hear wisdom whispering to your soul.  Be it clues on how to find your flare in your home as shared by Interior Stylist, Karen Creith or discovering what your relationship with money is like as shared by Financial Educator, Christine Camp or even the simplicity of challenge from Aspiring Writer, Debbie Chilton about giving, I know that wisdom will be beckoning to you and it’s value is more precious than gold.

So what exactly can you expect to find in our Inaugural issue?

Articles about…

* Body Image – Paralympian and Motivational Speaker, Jessica Smith, our cover model, shares with us her Body Image video and story of overcoming bulemia and anorexia and how she is now campaigning for body image acceptance.

*  Fair TradeFrances Carrington, owner/designer of label Eternal Creations is changing the landscape for Tibetan Refugees by creating fair trade enterprises that distribute to 200 stores worldwide.

*  The Getting of Wisdom – Charles W Slack, 83 year old reformed drug addict & alcoholic, who dined with Einstein and experimented with Timothy Leary, shares about his addiction to LSD and how it led to him losing his career as a Professor of Psychology and what he learned from that whole experience about Wisdom.

* The Golden GirlBetty Cuthbert’s story behind the story of being an Australian Champion athlete and what helped her to win three gold medals in the Olympic Games.

* Desexualisation of Children – Comedian and Campaigner, Julie Gale, talks children, sex and the need for tighter regulation of advertising.

* Food Glorious FoodGrace Maiolo’s Fettucini Pasta Bake for you to try at home

* The ‘A’ List – Motorcycle Mechanic, Andrew Solich shares tips about the best buys in motorcycles and who he thinks will win the Moto GP races in 2012!
And so much more!

* Finding Your Flare – Interior Stylist and Furniture Shop Owner, Karen Creith, shares her top secrets on how to get started on giving your home the WOW factor.

* The Great Australian Family Adventure – Claudia Bouma shares about how she went on the road with her husband and three children under three for the adventure of a lifetime that lasted two years.

* Addicted to Praise? – Hayley Solich asks the question, “Are we addicted to praise?” and “Is this why we are so passionate about Social Media?”



Suffice to say, there are 108 pages of PURE WISDOM for you to enjoy at your leisure from your laptop, desktop, ipad or mobile phone!  And lots of stunning photos and videos to support the message.  Golden Pen Magazine™ will be portable and easy to navigate, presented in a magazine flip page reader for your convenience, with the options to print should you so desire.

Electronic media offers so much more than a standard printed magazine.  We will be inserting videos where possible to make our magazine interactive.  There will be click links for you to get more information about our stories and also we invite you to comment and to interact with us.  We invite you to comment and help us to fine tune our magazine.

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Golden Pen Magazine – Issue 1, 2012