Dr Jenny Brockis on the Couch Talking How To Feed Our Brains…


If you have read Golden Pen Magazine’s Inaugural Issue, you will recognise Dr Jenny Brockis, our Brain Fitness Specialist who contributed the article, “Nourish Your Brain” to our first issue.  In this video of Dr Jenny Brockis on The Couch TV on Foxtel, Jenny shares more about what we should be feeding our brain.



Update on Releasing the Butterfly…

Well we are two weeks down and I’m already starting to feel the difference in my body, my mind and my spirit.


Let me tell you some of the incredible changes I am noticing…

1.  When I went to the shops there was a set of steps that I used to literally drag myself up.  This week I took the steps two at a time and didn’t even raise my heart beat.

2.  I have so much more clarity when I am working.

3.  My house is coming into order.  As I am more disciplined it is flowing down into my family life.

4.  My body is shrinking, literally.  Two weeks along and the kilos are dropping off but better still I am burning fat!  7.5 cms off the waistline this week alone!

5.  I no longer feel pain when I get up and down off the chair.

6.  My fridge is full of fruit and vegetables – my kids are complaining big time!

7.  My husband’s level of respect for me has increased as he has seen the changes in me and he is now looking at addressing his own health issues, as are a number of my friends who I am influencing.

8.  I don’t feel hungry at all, as I am eating and drinking all day, so there is no “starvation” in my diet.

9.  My vision of being able to walk into any shop and buy whatever I want is getting closer and closer.  Might even get married again in a white dress!  Who knows.

Just thought I’d update you with a pic I took today so you can see my progress.