Issue 1, 2013 – An Atittude of Adventure is out now!

ContentsOur first issue for 2013 – An Attitude of Adventure – is jam packed with people’s stories about their amazing adventures.

This issue includes:

  • The Adventure Called Business – Pam Brossman
  • Presumed Dead – June Kelly’s Kakoda Trail/Papua New Guinea ordeal
  • Australia’s Treasures – Dilshara Hill – Nature photography
  • Taking the Plunge – Karen Creith – Interior Styling
  • A Sense of Advneture – Mike Pelusey – 4WD Adventures
  • The Transcontinental Cyclist – Rev Melvyn John Macarthur – Nature adventures
  • Break Free Expeditions – Diana Judge – Ending the Cycle of Extreme Poverty
  • Flying High – Liz Hindley – Adventure Documentary
  • Should you Take Risks or Play it Safe – Helen Curtis
  • Pineapple Muffins – Grace Maiolo – Recipe
  • The Butterfly Effect – Hayley Solich – Personal Development
  • Climb That Mountain – Sue Hile – Local, National & International Adventures for Women
  • Losing Love, Finding Myself – Michael van der Zanden – Cycling Eurovelo
  • The Bungy of My Life – Jo Wanmer – Faith and Trust in God

So many fabulous photos from all of these adventures with the exciting near misses and adrenalin rushes, along with a good sound stream of pure gold wisdom.

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Golden Pen Magazine – Issue 1, 2013 – An Attitude of Adventure – PDF Version

Join in the conversation…make Golden Pen Magazine a true reflection of our community of writers

passion rulesWe have added a Contributor’s forum to the website because we would like to stimulate conversation between our contributors about how we can make this magazine a true reflection of the many wonderful contributors who support us.

Please feel free to start a topic for discussion on the ‘Contributor’s Forum’ tab under the Contributor’s tab.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and joining in the conversation.

Latest Issue: Sept 2012 Issue is now available! Just $4.95

Golden Pen Magazine - Issues 4We are so excited to have our Resilience issue out!

106 pages of inspirational content on the subject of RESILIENCE and it’s now yours for just $4.95!

Can I say what a wonderful mob of contributors we have at Golden Pen Magazine?  Please take the time out to go and check out our contributors, who each have a page under the Contributors tab.  Mwoi to all of you…you have made my job so easy this issue with all your wonderful stories and encouraging interactions.

So what is featured in this issue?  Even the Editorial team have gotten in on the act and we have  offered some of our most empowered moments of resilience in this issue plus tools you will want to pass on to your friends, neighbours and the people you meet because there is so much gold it’s not funny!

Sue Crawford shares her heartbreaking story of loving, losing and letting go of her 22 year old daughter who died of an aggressive cancer, plus her comprehensive tool kit for people going through the process of grief.

Hayley Solich shares how she overcame post natal depression and has never been depressed since, plus her tips for overcoming situational depression.

Andy Hopkins was described as ‘the most talented musician I know of his age’.  He is a young musician who is turning the music training industry on it’s head with his radical philosophy of how to engage children in learning music.  Find out how your child could benefit from his student directed learning opportunities.

* Incredible artist, Samuel Silva, who incidentally is only a hobby artist, shares how he nearly died 3 times as a child.  Check out his awesome artwork!

A father’s heartbreak.  Jo Wanmer shares about the heartbreaking struggle her husband had with their daughter’s rejection and how he won her around through unconditional love.

Heather Baker shares the story of husband Phil’s brush with death from a brain tumor and how they are piecing back together their lives and the incredible resilience of Phil’s spirit.

Russell Sage talks about staying in the game and what it takes to endure to the end.

Kath Mazzella OAM shares her passionate story about being an Advocate for GYN and Sexual Health Awareness and the International GYN Awareness Day campaign she is leading.

Lisa Scaffidi shares why she is the Ambassador for GAIN Inc.

Cath Ashton shares about her personal betrayal and also a suicide prevention awareness message.

And so much more!

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There is a wide range of subjects including:

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  • Wisdom articles about every day living including exercise, nutrition, relationships, organisation, drug addiction etc
  • Some blokey stuff like articles on fishing, motorbikes, cars, blened families
  • Social justice stories about stopping the sex slave trade, Aboriginal justice, breaking the cycle of domestic violence, overcoming dysfunctional marriages

And so much more great content.  And hey, don’t forget to share the opportunity with your friends.  The more the merrier!

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Golden Pen Magazine on Foxtel’s The Couch TV


Fred Maffricka, host of Foxtel’s The Couch TV, interviews Publishing Editor, Hayley Solich and Artistic Director, Andrew Crawford from Golden Pen Magazine.


Available now – July 2012 issue of Golden Pen Magazine!

So what’s inside our July 2012 issue?

More great content plus…


Buy the July 2012 issue of this magazine and you can download a copy of the Inaugural Issue for free.

Featured in this issue…

Breaking the Cycle - Tenille Bentley, the Princess of Charity, was a fantastic interview and she talks about how she is breaking the cycle of domestic violence one child at a time.

* How my Dysfunctional Marriage was Transformed - Infidelity, Attempted Suicide, then the long road to a more functional marriage.  Tracy shares her story of how her marriage was saved and rejuvenated.

Award Winning Gospel Artist Steve Grace - We catch up with touring Australian Gospel legend, Steve Grace, fresh from the outback and full of great stories.

50cc Scooters – Should they be banned? - Andrew Solich puts his case for why they are dangerous and should be taken off the road.

Bar Coded by God - Hayley Solich tackles the injustice of Abortion and shares a video of one mother who was very glad she didn’t abort her baby, who was born with no eyes and a cleft pallet.

* When I said ‘I Do’ it was to Sue’s 4 Kids too! - Andrew Crawford shares his journey as a father of seven with a blended family and tackles the issues associated.

* A Passion Filled Life - We catch up with prolific author of 82 books, Jane Pelusey, who is on tour researching her next 4WD Adventure book.

* My Extraordinary Life - Carol Elzink lives a highly unusual lifestyle – Corporate high flyer and Psychologist by week day and pig farmer on the weekends.  How did this Change Management executive fall in love with pigs?

* Not Just Horsing Around - Vet Dr Judith Congrene talks about why she became a vet and what she’s done since and how she manages to do the work of a nun whilst being an Avon Lady and mobile vet and have the best of both worlds.  Why did Judith decide ‘the habit’ was not for her?

* Warm Chicken Dip - Grace Maiolo shares her winning recipe for a quick entertainer’s dream meal, plus bonus video that teaches you how to butterfly lamb.

Plus loads more…


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Golden Pen Magazine on Foxtel’s The Couch TV

Foxtel LogoAndrew Crawford and I (Hayley Solich) are so excited to announce that we are appearing on Foxtel’s The Couch TV program, this, Thursday, 13 June 2012 at 7:30pm  WA or 9:30pm EST or 9:00pm SA on the Aurora Channel or you can watch it Friday, 14 June 2012 at 4pm WA, 6pm EST and 5:30pm SA.  Failing that, it will be uploaded to the following week on TheCouchTV Channel.

It was a wonderful experience to ‘chew the fat’ with Fred Maffricka and fill him in about the amazing people we have been meeting through Golden Pen Magazine and introduce our magazine to the broader community.

If you haven’t purchased a copy of the magazine yet, then you won’t know what you are missing out on.  So many great articles and we have not scrimped on word count, so you get ALL the wonderful wisdom that we are gathering.  Plus this issue we are donating $2 from every sale to Anuradha Koirala’s work in Nepal, so plenty of great reasons to pick up your copy now.




Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson – Celebrity Apprentice a winner in more ways than one!

Celebrity Apprentice
For those who watched the finale of Celebrity Apprentice, Australian series 2012, you will be grinning from ear to ear. What a sensational, nail biting finale!  S


o many great moments in the finale but the highlight for me was when Dicko volunteered for the title to be passed to Nathan in an act of ‘fatherly love.’

It just brought home to me the need there is for mentors in our country and for the older generation to be passing on the wisdom to the next generation.

I’m sure you will agree that wisdom is to be treasured above all things and that we have a responsibility to train the younger ones.  Guaranteed that Nathan is walking away from the show a much richer young man for having shared the time with Dicko and the other ‘wiser’ celebrities.

There could be no-one more proud of Dicko’s efforts than himself.  A true leader, humble and able to acknowledge his faults, yet also able to humble himself and be touched by the kindness of others he considered to be less fortunate.

I hope that Australian men take a leaf out of Dicko’s book and recognise that it’s okay to cry, to admit you are wrong and to make amends.



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We know that everyone loves a good bargain and you can’t get it any better than two for the price of one.  So when you purchase your copy of our May issue, we will give you our Inaugural issue for free.  You literally are getting twice as much value from Golden Pen Magazine.

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A reminder of what you will find inside this issue…


Contents Pages

Check out our next issue…out now!

WOW!  Have we got some fabulous content in the May 2012 issue of Golden Pen Magazine™

Before we go there, we want you to know that we have a very special BONUS OFFER.

Buy the May 2011 issue of this magazine and we will donate $2 from the sale to Maiti Nepal (see our feature article).
AND we will send you a copy of the Inaugural Issue as a bonus.

Publishing Editor, Hayley Solich shares her experience interviewing CNN Hero 2010, Anuradha Koirala from Maiti Nepal:

Updated CoverWhen you hear someone’s story first hand, it has the power to change your life.  Listening to Anuradha Koirala share about the young women she works with at Maiti Nepal, I soon realised for me it was a life changing moment.  I had heard about the words “Human Trafficking” and certainly knew it was a situation that was morally not right, however, I had never connected with the pain and suffering that the people affected by human trafficking go through and so it was easy for me to push it out of my mind.  It wasn’t until I watched the documentary commissioned by Melinda & Bill Gates, that I started to really understand the devastating cost of Human Trafficking.  I also realised that once your eyes have been opened, it is a lot harder to shut out the message.

As a Westerner it is far too easy to say, oh, that’s just happening to them over there.  But according to Dr Gillian Yudelman, the reality is that every country of the world is either a source, a transit or a destination. And this is why Golden Pen Magazine™ has decided to donate $2 from the sale of every May 2012 Issue to Maiti Nepal.  Anuradha has given 100% of her energy and she now needs others to take up the fight by helping her to raise the finance to continue the work of not only rescuing people from trafficking and domestic violence, but restoring their dignity.  This work is a demonstration of what one person can do to change the lives of literally thousands of people; to see lives transformed from shame and degradation to joy and hope.

So we present to you our feature story, “Stolen”, and hope that you will be as moved as we were with the plight of these young women and children.

Magazine Content

88 Pages of great content

Other articles in this issue are:

* Solving the Justice Puzzle – We interviewed Priscilla Collins, Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2011 (Community) and the CEO of NAAJA (North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency) where we discovered first hand the plight of the Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory who are becoming victims of the justice system.  Priscilla doesn’t pull her punches in this all revealed, no bars held, article and she is not afraid to ask the hard questions and to make recommendations about how it could be done better.

* Painting Saved Me – Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich MP bares her soul and reveals the role painting played in maintaining her mental health as a politician.

* Less is More – Interior Stylist, Karen Creith, reveals why less is more.

* Hanging Out:  The Sad Face of Addiction – Pharmacist, Sue Crawford, explains the dangers of over the counter codeine based medications due to their addictive qualities.

* A Strange Democracy – Nathan Quigley tackles the current political climate.

* Was Democracy a good God idea? – Hayley and Andrew Solich trace democracy back to it’s roots and Celebrity Apprentice’s Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickerson is quoted in this article, as he gave a timely commentary about the best form of government during the show in 4 May, 2012.

* Playing a Bigger Game – Award winning business woman, Meredith Collins, reveals the woman behind the video marketing business.

* The Unwitty Entrepreneur – Janene Samuel, creator of the Game Tag Ninetendo DS accessory talks patents and the lifestyle change experienced when inventing a new product and getting that product to market.

*  Time:  Is it Your Friend or Enemy? – Hayley Solich examines the issue of limited time.

* Confessions of a Shopaholic – Jill Chivers bears her soul about her journey out of addiction to shopping.

* Change your Food Change Your Life – Dr Maya Nahra prepares us for lifestyle change.

* Nourishing Your Mind Part 2 – Dr Jenny Brockis continues her unveiling of the perfect road map for brain fitness.

* How Simple is Too Simple? – Debbie Ducic asks us some hard and deep questions about the future and what it might look like.

* Are You Drowning in a Sea of Stuff? – Sara Hall gives us some tips on how to start to take charge of your home and get order.

Contents Pages


Help us stop Human Trafficking in Nepal.

Buy your copy of Golden Pen Magazine and we will send $2 from every sale to Maiti Nepal. 

To order your copy of Golden Pen Magazine™ , please visit our shop now.